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Stevenage Relays
22nd July 2008

Stevenage Relay Photos


Official Result

  Own Time Total Time
Matt Burgin 10:39 10:39
Adam Hills 10:40 21:19
Noel Jones 12:51 34:10
Bob Wells 11:34 45:44
Graham Short 11:44 57:28

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It now seems that the Stevenage Relays clash with the Doug Anderson 5K race. However, we managed to avoid any clashes by showing genuine commitment and a good club morale by agreeing to take part. Most of us met at the stadium at 6 o’clock and we speedily drove down the country route and then the busy A1 trunk road. We managed to find the race Headquarters without too much difficulty and we began to prepare ourselves with the good help of Angie who organised the whole outing.

 We had to wait for Noel and Graham to turn up as we were contemplating on having some of us running twice. Relieved as we could be when both guys turned up and we happily got ourselves prepared. As we were getting ready to take team photos, we realised that the mighty Bob Wells vanished. Anyway, we took some and eventually captured a nice team photograph.

Matt was privileged to start the first leg and Graham bravely took the final leg. As each of us took part in the ever exciting relay event, we all cheered at the main viewing point near the 2K mark. We were amazed to see Bob running far ahead once the gun shot and we clapped and cheered him on – knowing full well he was just warming up and everybody laughed.

To sum up, it was a great team event and an “ideal sharpener” for the Doug Anderson with a new personal best time by me and good performances from all the runners who did both. Next time, it might be worth considering doing both events if they are close together as you may also be able to sharpen your race performance. Once again, thank you to Angie for organising the whole outing and to all the runners who made the event a good one to watch.

 Adam Hills