Semi Marathon de Toulouse
19th September 2010


Official Result

Bob Wells 1.29.35 2nd MV3

I tried to sweat out any Medoc Marathon residuals from my system by running the Toulouse Half this morning. In the circumstances I was pleased with my time although I was comprehensively crushed by a youngster in my category.

 However, I was extremely disappointed to witness blatant cheating for the first time in my running career - about 5km before the finish two guys joined the course in front of me. It was obvious to me from their manner and (slow) speed that they must have taken a lap out in the two-lap race.

The organisation was generally good (but I do not believe they checked runners at the start or intermediate points). The results (Robert dit Bob Wells: 1:29:35,  117th/929 overall, 2nd MV3 ) were already on the  web by the time I had completed the 15 minute journey home, together with the promise (or threat) of video of individual's finishing becoming available tomorrow:


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