Pouvourville 10k
24th April 2011


Official Result

Bob Wells   42.45 1st V3

There were some distinctive features to report of the ‘10km de Pouvourville’ The course was extremely hilly and actually 10.3km long. Both these facts help explain the poor comparison with times in other 10k races. Although there were only 209 finishers the prize list was billed at 3000 euros including cases of wine, 3 mountain bikes, 4 microwaves and a TV.  However, athletic performances were rewarded simply with large tacky trophies and the more practical prizes were distributed on the basis of a lottery of finishers’ race numbers. This meant that many regular runners who are not accustomed to winning prizes were nicely rewarded and most participants stayed for the prize ceremony and traditional post-race aperitif.

I was pleased with my (1st-in-V3-category-time) of 42:25 (see above) as it was a few seconds faster than last year and may indicate that ageing isn’t all bad.

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