Trail Gascon 19.3k

13th February 2011


Official Result

Bob Wells 1.47.49 3rd V3

All participants in the 3rd Trail Gascon at Gimont in the gastronomic department of the Gers were presented with a bottle of a local potent aperitif wine before the start of the race. As I had left the celebration of a young friend's entry into the V2 age category only a few hours previously, my thanks may have been somewhat more muted than usual.

It was a tough course on a heavy stomach - especially the second half which was based on a moto-cross circuit - but, following recent fine weather in SW France, the mud was not as difficult as it might have been. However, a final field of shoe-shaped holes provided a sting in the tail.

My 1h 47m 49s of Barcelona Marathon training was 55th (out of 210) overall but my 3rd place in my V3 age category was not good enough to get a place on the straw-bale podium.


Race Photos - Alas no sign of Bob

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