Course Eiffage du Viaduc de Millau
13th May 2012


Official Results

Bob Wells 1.55.00

I received an email from the organisers of Sunday's Course Eiffage du Viaduc de Millau to say that I finished the race in 913thplace on scratch in a (chip line-to-line) time of 1:55:00, 21st in my V3 category. The creaking web database has me marginally better-placed but I doubt that more than a handful of the 15000 entrants were really interested in the fine details of their performance in this15 mile event.
People entered for the experience of running ‘between earth and sky’ on one of the most magnificent bridges in the world which is normally only accessible by motorway. The congested 1000ft of climbing from the start and the 1000ft of descent at the end were added challenges.

There are lots of fine photos and videos of the event on the web including views from a helicopter (e.g. and ) but the only shot of a Harriers’ vest on the Viaduc I have seen so far was taken by my friend Greg who, like many, ran with his camera and caught my back view when we crossed on the out-and-back section.
Definitely an event to experience but it is not easy to get an entry as there is obviously a limit to the size of event a remote town of 20000 inhabitants can support. The race is not held annually. This was only the second edition since the bridge opened but there is talk of another race in 2014 to mark the tenth anniversary of this truly amazing piece of engineering. Highly (in more than one sense) recommended!

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