Trail des Forgerons
18th March 2012


Official Result

Bob Wells 2.49.08 1st MV3

Any event which puts " Rules" and "Conviviality" on the same button on its website ( ) is likely to appeal to me and I had enjoyed the Trail des Forgerons (Blacksmiths) along the River Tarn above Albi when I ran it in 2010.

I was certainly not disappointed by Sunday's second attempt although I finished further down the field and some four minutes slower than last time (when  the winning time was much slower). Perhaps my lack of disappointment was because of the bottle of wine (appropriately Ctes du Tarn) presented at the start and the glass of beer at the finish (to say nothing of the following apro and lunch). The sports bag, tee shirt and cup for first in age category were nice too. French races may be good for the cardio-vascular system but I'm not so sure about their effect on the liver!
After 30km with 850metres of climbing in 2:49:08 my legs now feel post-marathon.


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