Family of Eight Run the Harriers Half Marathon

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One family of 8 did the Harriers Half marathon in 2013
 Mark Kleanthous, Clare Kleanthous (wife) & Clare's family her brother, sister in law & 4 Nephews (N)
" Not sure if we were the largest family that did your half marathon but we had a great time" says Mark
 Mark's youngest nephew watched as he is not old enough to run
 Mark Kleanthous 1:29:10
 James Perry 1:32:21 (N)
 Sam Perry 1:33:29 (N)
 Nick Perry 1:38:27 (N)
 Adrian Perry 1:40:54
 Tim Perry 1:43:35
 Karen Perry 2:07:18
 Clare Kleanthous 2:23:21