Ironman Wales
14th September

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Official Results

  2.4m Swim 112m Bike 26.2 Run Total
Nicholas Beardow 1.35.30 6.25.02 4.32.57 12.52.04


Ironman Wales is supposed to be the toughest event on the European circuit and it certainly lived up to its reputation. The sea was rough with waves picking swimmers up and tossing them onto other swimmers. I heard that 51 abandoned after the swim, and one elite female swimmer had to hold onto the support canoe until the course had cleared. On top of all the Atlantic Ocean could throw at us, the route to transition is up to the top of the cliffs followed by 1km run through Tenby town centre carrying wet suits. My wife described this as ridiculous - but she thinks the whole Ironman event is ridiculous!
There was a strong easterly wind on the bike course, which didn't help much. The route is either up or down - there appear to be no flat sections at all. To add to the difficulty 2000m of climbing, including three sections with a 15-20% gradient, are packed into the last 90km.

And then the run is basically 4 loops of 5km plus 5km down - with a few twists and turns through Tenby to finish each lap. So, although 4:32:57 doesn't look too flash, I was not unhappy with it.

It was hard, but enjoyable. But forget ideas of a fast time, because it won't happen at Tenby.