Equinox 24
17th-18th September 2016

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Official Results
Dean Newman 120k in 24:10:58

Dean NewmanMy second attempt at the Equinox 24 and was looking just to run it as have been having lots of problems with my Achilles. So we all gathered at 12pm on Saturday for the start , plan was to run to below 141 heart rate which I achieved for most of the race. The first 3 laps went really quickly and was well up on target time of beating last years 100k that I achieved. Must say a big thank-you to Fiona for being my great support crew. At 7 laps in and that big hill done 7 times it was time for Fiona to join me and do a lap with me. After 8 laps I left Fiona at base camp and carried on only to feel dizzy and unwell , so with only 200 metres out I headed back to my tent and decided to put my feet up and get cooled down by my expert crew at this point I decided I was going to call it a day as I did not want to damage my body. So off I went to bed only for the alarm to go off at 6am and feeling refreshed got my trainers on and decided to try and equal last years total. After 2 laps and equalling my 100k last year decided to get another 2 laps in, and beat my personal best distance 110k. So off I went with support crew Fiona in tow for another lap equalling my PB distance, then remembering the Equinox 24 moto "one more lap" I Headed off for my last lap knowing that I could take it easy, so spent some time shaking hands and thanking the marshals on the course. Then is was final push to the line where my support crew Fiona was waiting, was well happy with result as beat my distance PB and achieved 120k and because of completing over 100k managed to get a Equinox 24 bronze pin badge