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Official Results
Eliminator Round Swim (200m) Bike (10k) Run (2.5k) Total
Eva Kovacs 5:14 20:14 13:45 42:00
Grand Final Swim (400m) Bike (20k) Run (5k) Total
Eva Kovacs 8:24 38:50 30:11 1:20:22

My fourth participation at the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon at Markeaton Park, Derby. A fun race, but maybe a little too short and quick for me.
Eliminator rounds consisting of a 200 m swim, 10 km bike, and 2.5 km run were held in the morning. The fastest competitors then qualified for the Grand Final consisting of a 400 m swim, 20 km bike, and 5 km run in the afternoon. The slower competitors would race the Wooden Spoon race on the same distance as the Eliminator round. As usual I was hoping to get into the Wooden Spoon race, which has its own awards, but I ended up qualifying for the Grand Final, where there is no chance to shine among some Pro and Elite athletes.
Highlights of the day included a hug from Emma Pallant (at the start of the Eliminator Round you are required to hug your nearest competitor), meeting Bailey Matthews who had his own race #BemoreBailey, and getting cheered by Jenson Button himself.
All in all it was a great day, with beautiful summer weather. Hope to be back next year!