RAB 2 day Mountain Marathon
(Mallerstang, Yorkshire Dales) 24th-25th September 2016

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Official Results
Richard Beard Long Score Course (33 miles, 1600m ascent)   715 points scored in 12hr 14min

Race tracking indicated 33 miles with 1600 metres of ascent covered over the weekend.

Richard BeardI returned to the RAB mountain marathon for a second time, this year staged in the Yorkshire Dales and including some of the recent extension to the national park. I opted for the long score class again giving me 7 hours on Saturday and 6 hours Sunday to collect as many controls/points as possible (although I also aimed to include the best of the scenery!). The terrain was not as dramatic as last year in North Wales, but the generally pathless moor and bog covered hills were still a severe a test of navigation and stamina, particularly loaded down with food and kit for the overnight camp. Luckily heavy overnight rain had cleared by Sunday morning's restart. My day 2 route to collect four controls on the plateau of Baugh Fell became particularly challenging when thick cloud drifted across but otherwise there was good visibility and views to enjoy as I continued over Swarth, Wild Boar and Little Fells. Altogether another brilliant weekend out in the hills.