Dragon's Back Race
22nd-26th May 2017

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Official Results
Richard Beard Day 1 13:18:59
  Day 2 14:59:43
  Day 3 15:22:36
  Day 4 15:02:07
  Day 5 13:20:51
  Total 72:04:16

When I was forced to withdraw from the 2015 Dragonsback race with back problems, so close to the finish, it was not my intention to return. Entries for 2017 opened, the race filled up and I thought I was safe: but then Shane announced at the 2016 Cape Wrath race that anyone finishing there would be eligible for an entry and in the euphoria of finishing that superb event my resolve crumpled and 2017 saw me back at Conway Castle waiting for the off!

The race was over pretty much the same route so if you want more info please read my previous report or go to the race website/facebook pages for reports, photos and videos.

Differences included:
A revised map booklet for the whole course which was much more manageable, availability of GPX course files to aid navigation and a big increase in the number of competitors.

My times were c 1 hour faster each day compared to 2015 which made getting sorted out/recovery at the end of each stage a whole lot easier (in part due to cutting out stupid navigational errors). The weather was glorious although much too hot at times for my comfort. Additionally awareness of my problems in 2015 became widespread and I got a lot of encouragement from marshals and fellow competitors throughout the race, there was some emotion evident as I passed my previous drop point. Most importantly my back stood up this time. Another amazing experience that is unlikely to be peaked. In many ways its turned my 2015 DNF into a positive experience, without it its unlikely Id have returned to enjoy the event over again this year.