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Official Results
Adam Hills (1 mile race walk) 9:06.76 1st Male

Adam HillsI took part in the 2017 Indoor Track and Field Championships as part of the Eastern Counties Athletic Association at the Lee Valley Athletic Centre today and I competed in the 1-mile Race Walk. This was a taster for me of competing indoors at this event. I suffered from a very dry throat and despite race walking at a slower pace than outdoors, I managed to win the ECAC 2017 Championship for this event. Some of the judges came up to me afterwards to congratulate me and gave me some advice and asked if I had a coach. One gave me his email address and other suggested I try a race walking event near to Lee Valley on the 18th February. They seemed very interested with my ability to progress with the race walking and the spectators were great.

My official time was 9:06:76 and this is somewhat slower than anticipated. It was a real honour to take part at Lee Valley and to win the event. I have planned to compete in the SCVAC Indoor Track and Field Championships by trying out the 3K Race Walk on 19th February. This will definitely be something I have never attempted before and I have already begun some training for this event.