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Official Results
knarvik Xtrem (10.7k)
Mark Tinkler 2:06:33
Mark Tinkler 49:03
Diane Wallis 56:56
Half Marathon
Mark Tinkler 1:48:20
Diane Wallis 2:14:48

Running round a few  Fjords in Norway.... easy surely ??

Travelled over from U.K. to Knarvikmila - The Great Fjord Run to become a  Fjord Viking - by completing 3 races in 3 days ...essentially the marathon distance over a weekend. We arrived on the Friday in Knarvikmila Norway in time for their first race - an 11km Trail Race - called 'Knarvik Xtrem' ... well I say 'We' when I really mean 'I' .... as my sister Diane said she didn't do 'NUTCASE RACES' and retreated to the pizza van. Anyway her description proved to be very accurate of this first event ... best described as the "The Grizzly-on-Steroids"  - my arms are still aching from using the ropes to get up some of the accents ....and also my toes went through the front of my trail shoe as they disintegrated on the steep descents !! I learnt to follow the local participants as any obvious short cut usually involves experiencing a Quagmire up to your knees. Eventually got back to the stadium before nightfall - twas well 'Mullard'. 

The following day we turned out for an undulating 10km around the Knarvik -  Quite testing after the previous nights amble -  about a km into the race my legs had recovered enough to feel like I owned them and they were still attached. Quite a testing race but felt I'd given it justice - considering.

The Sunday the Organiser put on a friendly family day with kids races and trail hikes - literally something for everyone including a free breakfast-  We did the picturesque Half Marathon which went over the Fjord Bridges -  this was more undulating then the 10km but very scenic  - if you've ever found yourself  'Pinning for the Fjords' - this is it...  however by the last 5km you really feel like your at the end of a marathon with the legs sending a message : 'lets stop this now !!' ... but finishing in the stadium in front of a full Grandstand you fill like you've earned your award for going the whole marathon like distance over a weekend distance :    "Fjord Viking"  

Thanks to Helge and the Knarvik Race Organisers for their hospitality and running very well organised friendly event.

Mark Tinkler
Bedford Harriers UK