Trail de Donzac, Tarn et Garonne
17th May 2009


Official Result

Bob Wells 1.16.45 15th

I decided have a go at a small village trail race.  Trail races have become very popular in the last couple of years in SW France and the organizers of the first 17km Trail de Donzac, are typical of the many who are gradually transferring their annual promotional allegiance from road to trail.

All entrants received a tee shirt and a bottle of wine before the start and beer, soft drinks, bread and pate de fois gras was provided afterwards. I finished 15th overall in 1:16:45 which was a meager 1.62 seconds (I love the 1/100second timing!) faster than the second V60. For this I received another generous prize of a kisses, ceramic trophy, more wine and local produce (honey, jam, strawberries. apple juice and prunes - to keep me going).  has lots of info and pictures.



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