Group Schedules

Angie, Alex and Noel’s Group

January/February 2017

Monday 9th Jan
Short Hill Reps: Warm up to Brickhill. 3 x 4 Hill reps on Swift Close, 4 x laps Robin Hill.
Approx 6.5 miles.

Wednesday 11th
Tesco alleyways – warm up Goldington Road – plyometrics and speed. 5 miles.

Friday 13th
6.30-7.30 Circuits

Saturday 14th
7-8am Swim Trinity


Sunday 15th

12.30 Sharnbrook xc recce run at Sharnbrook school

Monday 16th
Steady. Fenlank and Elstow Rd to Kempston. Bunyan, Hillgrounds, Bedford Rd, River. 7.5 miles.

Wednesday 18th
Hills: W.up Polhill & Park Ave - Cemetery, Gainsboro’, Manton Lane, Turner Way x 3 – 7.5miles Angie

Friday 20th
6.30-7.30 Circuits

Saturday 21st
7-8am Swim Trinity

Sunday 22th
3 C’s Final XC Race – Sharnbrook – Please help marshalling if not running.

Folksworth 15
Fred Hughes 10

Monday 23rd
Steady: Cardington Rd, Harrowden, Abbeyfields, Elstow, Spring Rd, FP by River, Embankment. Approx 7 miles.

Wednesday 25th
Warm up Barkers Lane & Goldington Rd. Loops round Risborough & Aylesbury Rd – 40 secs hard  with recovery x 8

Friday 27th
6.30-7.30 Circuits

Saturday 28th
7-8am Swim Trinity

Sunday 29th

Monday 30th

Speed on Embankment and Russel Park.



Wednesday 1st Feb
Meet at Sainsbury’s, Clapham Rd – warm up Clapham Rd, alleyway to top of Brickhill Drive. Down to Tesco and back up and over to traffic lights – 2 mins on and 2 mins off x 10

Friday 3rd Feb
6.30-7.30 Circuits

Saturday 4th Feb
7-8am Swim Trinity

Sunday 5th Feb

Watford Half

Monday 6th
Hills: Warm up to Cemetery Hill. 3 x 3 sets of reps to the bin, then short hill reps relay!
Approx 6 miles.

Wednesday 8th
Fartleks:  Church lane to Wentworth. Fartleks using lampposts to Hudson Road. Regroup x3. Return via Goldington Road. 7 miles Noel

Friday 10th
6.30-7.30 Circuits

Saturday 11th
7-8am Swim Trinity

Sunday 12th

Stamford 30k

Monday 13th
Timed 4 miles. Polhill – Kimbolton – Goldington triangle (1.75 laps).

Wednesday 15th
Pace Increase - 4 x 5mins Embankment to Hillgrounds, return Cardington Rd – 7miles

Friday 17th
6.30-7.30 Circuits

Saturday 18th
7-8am Swim Trinity

Sunday 19th

** Please remember dark nights are with us now - hi vis must be worn!!
Friday night circuits 6:30-7:30pm
Saturday swim sessions 7-8am at Trinity, Bromham Road, lanes for all abilities - £3