Group Schedules

Angie, Noel and Caroline’s Group

August - September 2017

Monday 31st
Steady to Mowsbury/Putnoe woods and back via Renhold and Barkers Lane approx 7 miles - Caroline

Wednesday 2nd
W.up to Willington track. Increase pace for 4 miles (envelope run) around loop and back  - Angie

Friday 4th
6.30-7.30 Track
Saturday 5th
7-9am Box End Swim
Bike rides TBC -

Sunday 6th

Monday 7th
Hills – warm up to Park rd. then reps around Gainsborough Rise/Turner Way approx 6 miles - Caroline

Wednesday 9th

Jenny King to host

Details to follow….

Friday 11th
6.30-7.30 Track
Saturday 12th
7-9am Swim Box End
Harriers parkrun takeover (9am)

Sunday 13th

Stopsley 10 & 5

Monday 14th
Tempo run Caves lane, Kimbolton and Goldington Rd x3 approx 6.5 miles - Caroline

Wednesday 16th  
Off road from Polhill Arms. Meet there to run at 6:45. A swift drink after!

Friday 18th   
6.30-7.30 Track
Saturday 19th
7-9am Swim Box End
Bike rides TBC

Sunday 20th

Monday 21st
Willington track, Cople/Cardington back via Priory approx 6 miles - Caroline

Wednesday 23rd   
Meet at Ampthill Park, football ground car park to run at 6.45
8 miles - assorted surfaces

Friday 25th
6.30-7.30 Track
Saturday 26th   
7-9am Swim Box End
Bike rides TBC

Sunday 27th

Stewartby Lake Tri CC

Monday 28th


Wednesday 30th
Riverfield Drive, Go Outdoor, across sheep fields into Renhold, Ravensden
8 miles. Angie
Triathlon/Multi Meeting

Friday 1st Sept
6.30-7.30 Track

Saturday 2nd
7-9am Swim Box End
Bike rides TBC

Sunday 3rd
Northampton ½  CC

Monday 4th
Church Road, Intervals along Norse Road. Flexible return options.

Wednesday 6th
Pilgrim and Cemetery Hill reps taking in the park  approx 6 miles - Caroline

Friday 8th
6.30-7.30 Track
Saturday 9th
7-9am Swim Box End
Vitruvian Middle Tri CC

Sunday 10th

Stanwick Lakes ½ 10k 5k

Monday 11th
Steady to Danish Camp then back via Willington Dove cotes approx 6.5 miles - Caroline
3 C’s XC Meeting

Wednesday 13th   
Bridges Run
Thursday 14th Twilight Triathlon at Box End

Friday 15th
6.30-7.30 Track
Saturday 16th
7-9am Swim Box End
Round Norfolk Relay

Sunday 17th

Round Norfolk Relay

Monday 18th
Warm up to… Robin Hill reps.

Wednesday 20th
Warm up Priory Marina, various speed/relays
Coaches Meeting

Friday 22nd
6.30-7.30 Track
Saturday 23rd
7-9am Swim Box End
Bike rides TBC
Wild Warrior OCR

Sunday 24th  
Bedford Sprint Tri CC
Chesterfield ½
Monster ½ Marathon & Ultra

Monday 25th
Steady to Great Denham / Kempston Mill.

Wednesday 27th

Timed Mile -


Friday 29th
6.30-7.30 Track
Saturday 30th
7-9am Swim Box End
Bike rides TBC

Sunday 1st October