Group Schedules

Angie and Noel's Group

July-Aug 2018

Monday 2nd   
Hosted run by Cathy. Meet at The Swan, Bromham MK43 8LS to run at 6.45 6 miles XC

Wednesday 4th
Kempston Mill- 8 miles

EMAC -3 Cambridge

Friday 6th
6.30-7.30 Track

Saturday 7th
7-9am Box End Swim

Sunday 8th
Hitchin Sprint Tri
Ware 10m
Box End Ultra 5k

Monday 9th
Hill reps on the bypass bridge.

Wednesday 11th

5k timed run at Priory


Friday 13th  
6.30-7.30 Track

Saturday 14th
7-9am Swim Box End

Sunday 15th  

F.V. Challenge marathon, 52 & 18 m

Monday 16th
Willington track loop. 6.5 miles.

Wednesday 18th
Meet at Sainsbury’s, Clapham Rd Shakespeare Rd, Bromham Mill, through Clapham Ford!!
Weather permitting.
6 miles. Angie

Friday 20th  
6.30-7.30 Track

Saturday 21st  
7-9am Swim Box End

Sunday 22nd  
Monster Aquathon
Super Sprint (Rob Pool)
Bedfordshire Sprint Triathlon (Box End) CC

Monday 23rd  
Easy run with a few efforts in Russell Park and by the bandstand.

Wednesday 25th
Doug Anderson 5k
Club Championship Race
Thursday 26th
Stevenage Relays – only 3k (great fun- see Angie)

Friday 27th
6.30-7.30 Track

Saturday 28th
7-9am Swim Box End

Sunday 29th
Wellingborough 5 CC

Monday 30th
Intervals- Warm up to Bedford Park. Various short speed work
Approx 6 miles.

Wednesday 1st August
Eastcotts, Mile Rd, Progress Pl, Spring Road, Kempston Rd, River past bandstand. 6.5 miles. Stead pace (10 mins per m) with a few efforts (9 mins per m).

Friday 3rd
6.30-7.30 Track

Saturday 4th
7-9am Swim Box End

Sunday 5th
IronMan Maastricht
Riverside Runners 10k

Monday 6th
Fartleks on Norse Road. Church Lane out, 2 sets, return.

Angie & Cathy away

Wednesday 8th
Sheep field to Renhold. About 7 miles. 10 mins per m.

Angie & Cathy away

Friday 10th
6.30-7.30 Track
Saturday 11th
7-9am Swim Box End
Angie lead medium bike ride

Sunday 12th

Friday night track sessions from 6th April– all abilities welcome.
Saturday swim sessions 7-8am until?? at Trinity, Bromham Road, lanes for all abilities - £3
Open Water swimming at Box End, Kempston Sat & Sun 7-9am £5 or annual membership from April 1st (no joke)