Group Schedules

Angie, Cathy and Noel's Group

November/December 2018

Monday 5th 
Fenlake, Elstow Rd, Progress Way,
West End, AbbeyFields, Harrowden
Lane. 6 miles Noel
Key Point - Posture

Wednesday 7th Meet at Sainsbury’s
Clapham Rd for 6.45 run – Up and overs 2min on/2 min off Brickhill Drive &
Manton. Cathy   Bring your watch!!   

Friday 9th 
6.30-7.30- Circuits
Saturday 10th

Sunday 11th 
Draycote Water 10k

Monday 12th  
Cemetery Hill Reps (lighting permitting). Noel Key Point – Arm Drive

Wednesday 14th 6:30 leave stadium
10 mile route DON’T GO TO WARM UP
6/8 mile cut offs

Friday 16th
6.30-7.30 Circuits
Saturday 17th

Sunday 18th 
St. Neots ½ 
Hertfordshire ½ 
MK 10k

Monday 19th 
Riverfield, Queens, down Putnoe Ln,
Brickhill Dr, down Cemetery, De Pary’s,
Castle Rd. 6 miles. Noel
Key Point - Posture

Wednesday 21st 
Tesco alley way reps Cathy

Friday 23rd
6.30-7.30 Circuits
Saturday 24th 

Sunday 25th 
3 Counties XC – at
Wolverton 5m

Monday 26th
River to Gt Denham and return via
Queens Park. 7 miles.  Noel
Key Point – High Knees

Wednesday 28th 
Easy. Barkers, Church, Wentworth, Putnoe Ln, Kimbolton, Goldington.  Less than 6 miles Cathy

Friday 30th 
6.30-7.30 Circuits
Saturday 1st December

Sunday 2nd 
Bedford Harriers Half Marathon – Please help marshall if not running!!

Monday 3rd December 
Gentle hills around Haylands Way Noel
Key Point – Arm Drive

Wednesday 5th 
4 mile timed run Norse Rd, Wentworth
Dr, Kimbolton Rd as requested by Jenny Cathy

Friday 7th 
6.30-7.30 Circuits
Saturday 8th 

Sunday 9th 
Draycote Water 10k

Monday 10th 
Polhill, Putnoe Ln, Wentworth, Kimbolton, High St, Embankment. 6.5 miles. Noel
Key Point – Relax!!

Wednesday 12th 
Haylands Way, Brookfield Rd hills Cathy

Friday 14th 
6.30-7.30 Circuits
Saturday 15th 

Sunday 16th 
3 Counties XC –North Herts
(Standalone Farm)

Monday 17th
Embankment / River to Queen Bridge, Spring Lane, Progress, Elstow Road.
Key Point – Arms and Feet 

Wednesday 19th
Christmas Lights run – finding the best lights around town  7 ish miles, stop/start, relaxed. Cathy

Friday 21st 
6.30-7.30 Circuits
Saturday 22nd 

Sunday 23rd 

Monday 24th No session
Have a drink to celebrate Christmas*

Wednesday 25th No session!!
Great Denham parkrun 9am
imageBedford parkrun 10:30am

Friday 28th 
6.30-7.30 Circuits??
Saturday 22nd 


Sunday 30th 

Monday 31st No session
Have a drink to celebrate New Year*

New Year’s Day
Great Denham parkrun 9am
Bedford parkrun 10:30am
This is the only day when two parkruns are officially counted.
Wednesday 2nd

imageFriday 4th 
6.30-7.30 Circuits
Saturday 22nd 

Sunday 6th 
Assuming the stadium is open then we will be running on the 2nd but please check facebook and email to confirm.