Group 1 Schedule: February to April 2018
Anna, Jerry, Paul and Steve





Comments / Routes / Races

26-Feb-18 Mon J 6x Curlew Cr off 8:30 Curlew Cres
28-Feb-18 Wed S 20min-Tempo,3min rec/8x 2min-Reps, 1min rec/20min-Tempo Start Castle Rd, Newnham, Embankment over White Bridge to Kempston and Hillgrounds.
04-Mar-18 Sun      
05-Mar-18 Mon A Anna's Hills A mixture of Cemetary Hills and Gainsborough Rise
07-Mar-18 Wed P&J 75min Threshold (45min option) Clapham from F&B's
At mp for 75min and hmp for 45min
11-Mar-18 Sun      
12-Mar-18 Mon J 8x 1k reps off 5min Embankment
14-Mar-18 Wed S 6x KKS (4x option) Usual!
18-Mar-18 Sun      
19-Mar-18 Mon P 2m Tempo/30 min-Manton Lane up and overs/3m Tempo 2m at HM pace 3m at target mp
Route to and from Mantoon Lane TBC
21-Mar-18 Wed A Track - Bondarenko 6x (3/2/1) Plus the usual warm up
25-Mar-18 Sun      
26-Mar-18 Mon J 3x (4, 3, 2, 1min/2&1min rec) (2min rec after 4min only)
28-Mar-18 Wed S&J 80 min Threshold (45min option) Clapham - Continuous
01-Apr-18 Sun      
02-Apr-18 Mon - Easter Monday - No session  
04-Apr-18 Wed P 2x (15min, 10min, 5min/3&2min rec) Pace = mp/hm/10m
08-Apr-18 Sun -   Club Championship 10 Mile - Sandy 10
Manchester Marathon
09-Apr-18 Mon S 6x 1m reps off 8min Embankment new route
11-Apr-18 Wed P 12m (6m tempo) Cardington/Willington Track - Tempo starts at the Kings Arms, Cardington
Coaches meeting
15-Apr-18 Sun     Brighton Marathon
16-Apr-18 Mon J 10x 3:30/1:30 Willington Track
18-Apr-18 Wed A Track - 3x (800,600,400) 200 jog rec  
22-Apr-18 Sun     London Marathon