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NameRace time
Anne Barnicoat 2:47:19

Listed as the most scenic of NZ's races, it certainly lived up to it's description! A flight from Auckland to Nelson on the south island then a 4 hour car journey to Westport took up most of the Friday. 7am coach took us to the start on Sat and we were sent on our way at 8.30. Mist helped on the first of the climbs, then that cleared and left cloudless skies and no shade. Amazingly well catered for at aid stations with constant supply of sponges, water and hoses feeding water from the gorge through sprinklers. Bagpipes and drum bands to motivate us. Queues for the loo's en route added to the run times but nipping into the bush wasn't wise with sheer unseen drops, that was in the race description!! Buller Gorge South Island New Zealand
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