Coast to Coast Scotland
13th/14th September

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Official Results

  Day 1 Day 2 Total Time
  7 mile Run 48 Mile MTB on Road Kayak 34 Mile MTB on Road 14 mile Run  1Mile Kayak  
Andrew & Karen Robertson 1:07:46 3:15:07 0:6:41 2:50:48  3:21:50 20:43 11:14: 52 - 6th Team
Andrew & Samantha Baylis 1:08:55 3:14:00  0:5:58 3:03:19  3:19:51 18:38 11:23:16 - 8th Team

A wee report.

A great event that takes you from east to west coast of Scotland in two days.  If your looking for something a little different and you want to see Scotland, then I would recommend this event.  

A very challenging course, the idea was just to finish and enjoy it, but once on our bikes after the first run, a little chat saying how great it was so far and happy to take our time, we decided to get a chain gang going, we then realised how many people we were overtaking, from then on we just couldn't help ourselves, with others joining in we had a blast, and have to thank the two Andrew's who set the pace and did most of the work. It wasn't until the last 5 miles that things started to go a little wrong, we were surprised to see a wee big hill ahead, since then it was undulating and MTB with 29ers (wee big wheels) were working wonders, Andrew B, started to feel light headed and started to struggle but wanted to carry on to the top, a little chunder (too many gels) but afterwards he was back on it.  Then Andrew R, chain come off, Andrew B chain came off, someone came of their bike in front of us (luckily ok and jumped back on).  Into transition for a short run to the Kayaks, Andrew's still got his helmet on back he goes to take it off,  we finish with a short kayak just seemed like an add on but gave us good practise for the second day, then Karen forgets to take her life jacket off, by this point I think we're all a bit delirious and I'm in hysterics of laughter.  We ended up doing the first day all together, this wasn't in the plan but it worked well and really did make our day a good one.

The 2nd day we did our own thing, wasn't sure how this was going to go as we were really feeling it from the first day, we were hearing how much tougher this was going to be, with off road cycling and running.  We camped in between the two days and got an ok nights sleep.  We set off just after 7.30am the next day after packing tent away and soon as we were off our legs were actually feeling good and had already forgotten about the first day.  There were a few technical bits but nothing to extreme.  A bit frustrating in places where you couldn't pass the less confident walking on the single track, and was a backlog after a young girl came off (luckily she was ok). Then it was one by one down the technical bit which caused another backlog. All in all a fantastic bike route with off road and road.

The run, well what can I say was more like a hike, we reckoned out of the 14 miles you could only run 5 miles of it, but again the scenery was stunning which got the legs moving easier.  Not far to go I thought, then I look to my right and see what looks like a trail of ants going up a mountain! Unfortunately they weren't ants, they were other challengers, ahead where we had to stride up this mountain path which sapped energy due to the steepness of the path. After the last hike over the big hill the view from the top was stunning and we could actually see the finish in the distance. Onto  the road and we both picked up the speed to get to the kayaks, once in the kayak both of our legs started to cramp in the kayak, but I could see that finish line and I was desperate to get there.  Andrew wanted to rest and stretch out but I wasn't having any of it! I did apologise to the hubby after a little shouting, left , right, don't give up on me now!  out of the kayak and short romantic run holding hands over the finish line to see Andrew and Karen waiting for us.

A brilliant weekend had by all the weather and company made it.  There was a lot of logistics and planning that had to go into this event but it was well worth it.  Thank you to the Burrell's and Stuart's for advice having done this last year.  If you are thinking of doing this we would be happy to give any tips and help

An event we would do again.  The Expert, doing it in one day is very tempting!