Energizer Night Rebel 10k - Dubai
4th April


Official Result

Tom Beach 56.58

Energizer Night Rebel is a 10k, 20k or 30k trail run on gravel jeep tracks, Wadi beds( reminiscent of the top of the glyderau in Snowdonia) and occasional goat tracks!!

I chose the 10k option (more like 10.5k) as a goat trail novice and headed out with a couple of hundred others into the clear, sticky night. I've never run off road at night and was surprised at how much concentration was required. After a couple of stumbles and only one actual fall, I welcomed the 5k turnaround as the group began to thin out. I spent the last 3k on my own with no sight of anyone else in front or behind and only the moon as company.

I would recommend the organiser's events to anyone out here on holiday (www.urbanultra.com), the goody bag was worth as much as the entry fee thanks to energizer and I will definitely be signing up for the desert stinker when we move out here permanently in September!


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