Rotterdam Marathon
13th April


Official Result

Mark Tinkler 3.20.27
Stuart Trevallion 3.23.50

Good race - slightly warm but good conditions with record 10,000+ runners. Very sunny - ended up with good sun tan.

Disconcertingly, just after the Start, all the runners in the pen ahead of me (2:30 to 3 hour expected finish) branched off left too early before the iconic Erasmus Bridge - whereas I went straight on and found myself leading the right side race - albeit briefly !!

Pics of Me and Stuart at 500m before Finish and afterwards back at base. Was doing alright until I encountered the new staircase - which attacked/cramped up both my calf's and I had to resort to climb up on my back side - Thought I'd got  through this unscathed  DOH!! :(((


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