Edinburgh Marathon & 10k
31st May

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Official Results

Theresa Cooper 1.10.59
Gary Finch 3.03.46
Stuart Knight 3.33.48
Sally Gurney 3.48.38
Simon King 4.59.43
Jenny King 4.59.44
Caroline Clark 5.38.46

Edinburgh Marathon Race Reports:

Stuart's Report:

So the training was going well; a good Oakley 20, followed by a 22 mile training run a couple of weeks later. It's good to have Sally the 'slave driver' as your training buddy, I would not have kept so strictly to the programme without her. Then 5 weeks to go and shin splints! The pain of a kick in the shin with every step! So tapering turned into a full stop, the only recovery plan - complete rest! One week to go and a 10k trial showed the recovery had happened, I could run.

The sky was blue, no wind and not overly hot, but enough of the weather on Saturday when we received the weather warning email from the Edinburgh marathon organisers! We carried on with our open-top bus tour of Edinburgh, discussing the number of layers to wear and whether Sally's orange dustbin sack would be waterproof enough.

As it turned out the rain came in the night and sunshine greeted us at the finish. The wind was as strong as predicted though. This was at over 20 mph, with 40 mph gusts; in Bedfordshire this is only experienced at Oakley 20 and Bodyflight! And the direction? Of course, as you turn for the final 10 miles it was right in your face.

When my killer DOMS allow me to use my quads again I think I will honestly say I enjoyed the 26.2 miles; it's a pity the wind blew away my planned mantra ' Oakley 20 and then only a 10k run' !



Gary's Report:

Well the morning of the Edinburgh marathon arrived I looked out the window at 6am and to my surprise it wasn't raining! It looked rather grim and grey.

Should I wear a base layer or not? I decided, yes, although this would prove rather costly later!

Ibuprofen and salt capsules were washed down with High 5 electrolyte drink. Out of the hotel and a brisk walk to London Road, my start area. Arrived there with 15 minutes spare, plenty in these grey conditions as I just wanted to get on with it.

It was good to meet up with fellow Harriers Stuart Knight and Sally Gurney just before we went into to our pens! Race head on and fired up with thoughts of a sub 3!! We're off, first 2-3 miles are always a bit of an unknown to me as to how I'm running - felt good with 6.42/6.30 and 6.27!

I was well under 3hr pace up to mile 22 all around the 6.52 min miling I needed, including a 6.15 at mile 4! Then the wind hit after the turn - it was horrendous and my splits went up and the sub 3 went with the wind!!

Marathon finished in 3.03.46 My training helped me this time but disappointed not to go under the 3hr mark!
I met up with Stuart and Sally after the race - Stuart did a 3.33 and Sally 3.48 they were well pleased with their times in the tough conditions.

That was comfortably inside a good for age for London and maybe Edinburgh next year then - I'll give it one more go?