Bedford Team Triathlon
9th August 2016

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Official Results
Team   Swim Bike Run Total Team total Team position
Die Tri-ing David Elliot 00:16:37* 00:34:24 00:22:45 01:13:46 03:36:39  Male 10
Jason Lee 00:12:50 00:38:42 00:22:19 01:13:51
Billy Fadden 00:13:28 00:35:21 00:20:33 01:09:22
Vintage Tri' Gary Finch 00:15:48 00:39:18 00:20:21 01:15:27 03:47:05 Male 19
Andrew Robertson 00:14:53 00:40:40 00:22:37 01:18:10
Nick Beardow 00:14:11 00:37:25 00:21:49 01:13:25
Tri Umph Sam Bayliss 00:14:42 00:46:59 00:24:50 01:26:31 04:11:04 Ladies 6
Juliet Smith 00:16:48 00:40:55 00:23:31 01:21:14
Karen Robertson 00:16:04 00:41:57 00:25:18 01:23:19
Tri Shorties  Sacha Trude 00:14:35 00:48:20 00:27:23 01:30:18 04:27:42 Ladies 10
Eva Kovacs 00:17:08 00:41:23 00:29:19 01:27:50
Angie Kay 00:14:08 00:44:41 00:30:45 01:29:34
Team Tom Caroline Devine 00:17:47 00:44:28 00:24:15 01:26:30 04:17:56 Mixed 22
Rebecca Baxter 00:15:39 00:45:16 00:24:27 01:25:22
Mourad Ben Taieb 00:18:18 00:45:24 00:22:22 01:26:04

* - includes 2 minute penalty

Alastair put this race on the message board and had volunteers for the relay – his next job was to decide the teams. After research and questions he came up with his 5 teams:- 2 Men, 2 Ladies and a mixed team.

All the triathletes had the paper work and were deciphering the rules and race procedures with the wrist chip handover and tagging zones, it all became clear on race day at the briefing.

750m swim
20k bike ride as a 2 lap course
5k run

All to be completed as 3 swims, 3 bike rides and then 3 runs.

Race day arrived along with the blustery conditions that had been forecast all week, was it to be deep rims or not?

At Box End, our familiar training ground, the teams were registering, fixing numbers on, getting bikes and kit organised and generally trying to plan for the morning’s event. Alastair and Sarah were there early and had bagged an area by the lake side and this was ‘home’, changing, waiting, eating and general chatty area.

Wet suits on for the first competitor in each team and off to the swim start. A cheer went up as they went off and it was a boisterous start for the 65 teams but eventually our swimmers were able to get into rhythm and once round the lake. I was pleased with my swim 15.48 - out and handed over the chip to Nick who then ran to the swim start and did his lap, second handover and Andrew then ran into the bike transition handed over to me to start the bike. The Harrier’s teams were all learning fast on the chip handover.

The bike route was fast but with the blustery conditions made some sections rather challenging, 2 laps each and onto the run. The last bike rider came into transition, racked their bikes next to the tagging zone and handed over the chip to the first runner.

The run course was 2 x 2.5k laps on the far side of both lakes, flat and off road. It was good to be able to cheer everyone round especially the final leg runner, with the teams opting to run in with their team mates.

A big thank you to Alastair and Sarah for organising, supporting, photography and general cheering to all the Harriers Teams.

Gary Finch