Belvoir Challenge
25th February 2017

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Official Results
Sally Johnston 4:55:58
Kev Willett 4:56:00

Belvoir Challenge – 25/02/17
26.2 Off road marathon for runners & walkers
This event has been on my bucket list for several years as my late sister lived & is buried in one of the villages en -route and as it is the 10 year anniversary since she passed away I made a concerted effort to enter on time… determined to do it in 2017. I cagouled Sally Johnston an experienced ultra & off road runner into accompying me.

We arrived early to be offered a parking space in someone’s drive, given a gate code and their mobile phone number should we need anything. On walking to the HQ we soon realised this was definitely a community event and being a race director I was learning how BH might improve our events.
We registered, took advantage of free pre-race coffees and took advice from Anna Folland’s dad a veteran of many Belvoir challenges about clothing required ready for the challenge ahead.

We set off to the sound of the Queen Song ‘Don’t stop me now we are having a good time’ which made me smile as this is our family song!!

However it wasn’t long before I realised this event was a little out my comfort zone of churning out evenly paced road miles as the first 2 miles were tacky ankle deep field mud that I had experienced before at Parliament hills & some of the X-Country events, the thought of a marathon in these conditions was a concern. It gave way periodically but along with the hilly terrain, rain and wind was with us for the duration. At 6 miles we were crawling up an impossibly slippery slope thankfully to be rewarded with a feed station …. And what a substantial spread it was sandwiches, cakes, coffee along with local Stilton cheese and biscuits!

The views across the Vale of Belvoir and through the castle estate took your mind of the unforgiving difficult ground, hills and weather conditions, along with the amazing feed stations, after a final sizeable ascent and decent we were soon traversing the final sticky mud field towards the finish. This was interesting itself as the large road banner pointing right …we expected to do an infamous loop of the field but no the right turn was straight into the village hall …timing mat at the doorway and rows of trestle tables set with refreshments for runners to enjoy the free food and chat about the experience….. Would have been a shame not to take advantage of their welcomed hospitality.

A well organised event by the local community with all proceeds going to the local lower school, there was a real friendly vibe amongst the runners, volunteers and everyone you met on the day well done Harby village.

Thankyou Sally for showing me the ropes at this sort of event and well done 16th lady from 118.