St Ives 10k
18th July 2004


Official Result

Neil Lovesey 38:58

pb: 10 secs

Henry Downes 42:48  
Avril Monmont 43:27  
Ian Marshall 43:48  
Donna McEwen 45:25 pb: 2 mins 37 secs
Bruce Mehew 48:00  
Jack Chana 49:06  
Jackie Keenan 51:07

Club best time

Suet Lua 53:14  
Andrea Ranson 56:36  

Jackie Keenan established a new LV55 club best time for the 10k at St Ives. Jackie's time of 51:07 was a nine second improvement on the previous best for the distance of 51:16 which was set by Deirdre Bethune at Weedon in June 2004. Jackie was also the 1st LV55 to finish on the day.

Neil Lovesey was the first Harrier to finish in the race in a time of 38:58. Neil's run is believed to have been a pb by around 10 secs. Also continuing to make a strong come back after injury is Donna McEwen. Following on from her pb in the recent Cranfield 5k, Donna improved her 10k best by around 2 mins 35 secs to finish in 45:25.

Similarly running well at St Ives were Avril Monmont who finished in 43:27 and Ian Marshall who ran his fastest 10k this year in 43:48.  Bruce Mehew (48:00), Jack Chana (51:07) and Andrea Ranson (56:36) were the other Harriers putting in good performances.

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