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The Grizzly
9th March 2008

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Official Results

Donna McEwen 2:45:49 1st lady
David Holt 3:00:29  
Anna Litchfield 3:11:18  
Alastair Vile 3:25:08  
Noel Jones 3:28:48  
Steve Gaunt 3:29:42  
Cliff Smith 3:31:53  
Viv Kilgour 3:34:00  
Andy Purdy 3:43:42  
David Prior 4:31:22  
Lesley Barnes 5:03:47  
Malcolm McEwen 5:03:47  
The Cub
Jeanette Cheetham 1:48:18  
Judy Prior 2:01:29  

Anna Reports on the Race:

The Grizzly was a fantastic event, with a number of Grizzly virgins from Bedford Harriers. The weather was good (the calm before the storm) although there were a couple of showers including a hail shower which Donna missed out on because she was running too fast!
We covered just over 19 miles of shingle beach, hills, tracks, streams, hills, muddy bogs, hills (steep enough to require a rope!), more tracks, more muddy bogs, hills, woods, a mile stretch of shingle beach, the infamous Stairway to Heaven, hills, downhills, shingle beach and the finish line. I decided after the 3rd hill that I might make it if I walked up the hills! We were cheered on by the entire population of East Devon, wonderful bands to rival the Great North Run and enthusiastic marshals. The last 100 metres was on road, but by then the legs had gone. They were somewhat revived by the 'showers' provided by the local Fire Service.
Big congratulations to Donna who retained her ladies title in tremendous form - it's always harder to hold onto the title. Well done too to Viv who ran brilliantly despite having felt lousy the day before with a bad cold.
We had a mantra for the race which really holds true - 'This is Fun!'

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