Becoming a group Leader

Group 1 Training pace (based on 6 miles steady run) sub 7 minutes per mile 
  Graham Pratt/Ed Castro
Group 2 Training pace (based on 6 miles steady run) 7:45 to 8:15 minutes per mile
  Mark Tinkler/Neil Lovesey/Adam Hills
Group 3 Training pace (based on 6 miles steady run) 8.30 to 9 minutes per mile
  Bev Tredget/Mark Taggart/Richard Woodward/Niki Jones
Group 4 Training pace (based on 6 miles steady run) 8.45 to 9.5 minutes per mile
  Viv Kilgour/ Amanda Friman/ Chris Fadden/ Ray Cooke
Group 5 Training pace (based on a 6 miles steady run 9 to 10 minutes per mile)
  Steve Gaunt/Lesley Gaunt/Lorena Henderson/Peter Pack/Helen Whiting/Katie Fletcher
Group 6 Training pace (based on 6 miles steady run) 10 minutes per mile
  Angie Finch/Noel Jones/Cathy Clark
Group 7Training pace (based on 6 miles steady run) 10 to 12 minutes per mile
 David Prior/Jacinta Horne/Darren Cimelli
Group 8Beginners group for those new to running or returning after a prolonged absence.
 Angie Finch/Lawrence Folley/Lorena Henderson/Caroline Devine/Steve Crane
Run/Walk group. Run/Walking offers runners a way of building up to longer distances in a gradual and manageable way without putting too much stress on the body. It allows those using the method to complete long runs without that feeling of exhaustion afterwards. It also gives runners a strategy for their races helping them to control their fatigue and body temperature and to maintain a steady pace without dropping off in the latter part of the event.
 Carolanne Gibson/Mel Joy/Jo Simmons
Wednesday Triathlon group. Various interval training to sessions approx. 8 miles long suitable for anyone who can run 8:15 minutes per mile pace or faster for a sustained period
 Kevin Willett/Tony Parello/Alistair Fadden
SWIM COACHING:Angie Finch/David Girling/Kate Williams/Kevin Willett/Noel Jones/Simon Fisher
TRIATHLON COACHES:Angie Finch/Kevin Willett
FLOATING COACH:Jerry Pullinger/Jeanette Cheetham/Dave Holt/Lawrence Folley/Caroline Devine/Chris Capps