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3- Counties Cross-Country League

Fixtures - 2017/2018 Season

Venue Date Harriers in Race Mens Result Ladies Result Combined team
3-Counties XC @ Wellingborough 22nd October 55 3rd 3rd 2nd
3-Counties XC @ Wootton 12th November 66 5th 1st 2nd
3-Counties XC @ Dunstable 26th November 56 5th 4th 4th
3-Counties XC @ North Herts 17th December 49 6th 4th 6th
3-Counties XC @ Biggleswade 14th January 69 4th 3rd 3rd
Overall Season Results     4th 2nd 3rd


What is the 3-Counties League

The 3 Counties league is a local league of 12 teams.  The beauty of the 3 Counties league is that there is no pressure and there are plenty of fun runners taking part. 
The distance of each race is not usually more than 5 miles and there isn?t a race clock in sight.  The post race social includes a roll, a cake and a cuppa (much more useful than a medal).

It?s great not knowing beforehand whether you will be changing in an International Sports Centre (like ours) or a cow shed!  The suspense continues until you are out on the course, sometimes trampling knee deep through mud, other times running along a pretty country track.  Hills may be a feature but nothing too strenuous.  Part of the fun is finding out whether the showers are still hot when you get back!  (The other part is???....have they got any showers?)  All in all an exiting way to spend a Sunday morning, supporting your running club at the same time. 

-Questions Frequently Asked About Cross Country-

Will I need special clothing and foot wear?

A club vest is essential as part of the rules, but what you wear with it is up to you and dependant on the weather e.g. gloves, thermals, long sleeved tee shirt, tracksters etc.  Off road running shoes or studded trainers are certainly beneficial but normal trainers are worn by many of the runners.

 What is a cross country course like?

The routes will be on grass, tracks, shingle paths, and mud but definitely no roads.

 How long are the races?

 Check on the 3 Counties website for each race distance.

 I am not a fast runner, is it worth me coming?

YES!!!  The beauty of cross country is that you are running for your club, how fast you go is irrelevant.  Placing is important right down to the last scorer in each of the teams.  You may be the 200th runner to finish, but if the runner behind you is the last scorer of his team then he will score 201, pushing up their points score.

 How does the scoring system work?

Men and women all run together but score for their gender in the Male and Female competitions.  The first 8 men and the first 4 women score for their team.  Three of the men MUST be vets and two of the women MUST be vets.
In the Combined Team and new for the 2016/17 season team, Male and Female runners race against each other for Team points. Every runner will be given a finishing number (points), so you will be racing against everyone else irrespective of gender. 
Once the results for the Men and Women scoring teams have been determined, their points are then added together to give the Combined Team score. A much fairer system so that the ladies efforts contributes.
Once our scoring runners cross the line if the next few runners to cross the line were also Harriers, even though they wouldn’t score for the team, they would be ensuring that the next runner to score for another club would have a far higher number. So our team will have attackers (scorers) and defenders (non-scoring) and the club with the lowest score wins. The more Harriers we have running in each race gives us the ability to push up the other club’s scores!!  (If this isn’t clear, then please ask a coach to explain it to you.)

 How can I get to races if I don?t drive or don?t want to travel on my own?

Runners will be invited to meet at the club so that we can car share.

 How do I enter?

A sheet will go up on the notice board in due course for you to put your name on to register for the league.  Before each individual race another sheet will go up asking for names of people going to that race. 

 We will meet at the club at 9.10am for car sharing or at the venue at 9.30am.  There will be a notice on the board nearer the time to advise of the arranged meeting place.

 And finally ?????????

3 Counties Cross Country league is for ALL runners; fast, slow or intermediate.  The bottom line is that they are fun events with a great feeling of camaraderie and NO PRESSURE. 


is open to everybody in the club.

The idea behind the colours is to reward 
and encourage attendance of 
Cross Country Running with the 
emphasis on the 3 Counties League.

You can gain your colour year on year.

In order to gain your Cross Country Colours you are required to run or score ALL the 3 Counties Cross Country League races or ALL but one of the 3 Counties Cross Country League races, plus one other qualifying race.

Qualifying Cross Country races are team events including:- 
The Nationals, Parliament Hills, The Southerns, The Vets XC, Olney Squeaky Bone or the Counties. Other team cross country events will be considered by the Team Management by request, these must be made before the 
end of the Cross Country Session.

In the event of a 3 Counties Cross Country cancellation, a runner will automatically credited with this race, unless the cross country is rescheduled for another date. In the event of an additional qualifying event being cancelled runners will be credited with the race provided a race application form has been posted.

 Any questions?   Speak to Angie Kay or Gary Finch


3-Counties Race Results


Venue Date Harriers in Race Mens Result Ladies Result Combined team
3-Counties XC @ Wellingborough 23rd October 51 3rd 1st 1st
3-Counties XC @ Wootton 20th November 58 3rd 3rd 1st
3-Counties XC @ Wing 27th November 58 2nd 1st 1st
3-Counties XC @ Standalone Farm 18th December 48 2nd 3rd 2nd
3-Counties XC @ Sharnbrook 22nd January 45 3rd 3rd 3rd
Overall Season Results     3rd 2nd 1st


Venue Date Harriers in Race
3-Counties XC @ Wellingborough 25th October 66
3-Counties XC @ Wootton 8th November 60
3-Counties XC @ Leighton 29th November 51
3-Counties XC @ North Herts 20th December 66
3-Counties XC @ Bedford 3rd January



Venue Date Harriers in Race
3-Counties XC @ Wellingborough 26th October 51
3-Counties XC @ Wootton 9th November 56
3-Counties XC @ Leighton   23rd November 41
3-Counties XC @ North Herts 21st December 49
3-Counties XC @ Dunstable 11th January



Venue Date Harriers in Race
3-Counties XC @ Wellingborough 27th October 69
3-Counties XC @ Wootton 10th November 85
3-Counties XC @ Wing 24th November 53
3-Counties XC @ East Hadden 15th December 46
3-Counties XC @ Dunstable 12th January 53


Venue Date Harriers in Race
3-Counties XC @ Wellingborough 28th October 88
3-Counties XC @ Wing 11th November 83
3-Counties XC @ East Haddon 25th November 63
3-Counties XC @ Stopsley 16th December 68
3-Counties XC @ Wootton 3rd February 44


  Harriers in Race
3-Counties XC @ Wootton 15th January 65
3-Counties XC @ Stopsley 18th December 72
3 counties @ North Herts 27th November 78
3-Counties XC @ Biggleswade 13th November 126
3-Counties XC @ Wellingborough 30th October 97


Harriers in Race
3-Counties XC @ East Haddon 23rd January 45
3-Counties XC @ Wootton 28th November 58
3-Counties XC @ Dunstable 14th November 82
3-Counties XC @ Stopsley 24th October 87


  Harriers in Race
3-Counties XC at Bedford 28th February 49
3-Counties XC at Ampthill 14th February 52
3-Counties XC at Northampton 24th January 58
3-Counties XC @ Leighton 22nd November 71
3-Counties XC at Stopsley 25th October 72


Harriers in Race
3-Countries@ East Haddon 1st March 2009 34
3- Counties XC at North Herts 21st December 2008 65
3-Counties XC at Leighton 23rd November 2008 62
3-Counties XC at Dunstable 26th October 2008 61


Harriers in Race
3-Counties XC at East Haddon 10th February 39
3-Counties XC at Ampthill 13th January 65
3-Counties XC at North Herts 16th December 55
3-Counties XC at Biggleswade 11th November 67
3-Counties XC at Dunstable 28th October 53


Harriers in Race
3-Counties XC at Wootton 29th October 32
3-Counties XC League at Biggleswade 12th November 47
3-Counties XC at North Herts 17th December 25
3-Counties XC at East Haddon 14th January 24
3-Counties XC at Dunstable 11th February 15