Bedford Harriers Committee for the 2022/2023 Membership Year was elected at the AGM on Wednesday 30th March 2022.

Chris Capps was elected as Chair, Richard Woodward was elected as Vice Chair, Jenny King was re-elected as the Club Secretary, Richard Watson was re-elected as Treasurer, Jacinta Horne was re-elected as Membership Secretary, Bev Gous was re-elected as Race Management Secretary after being co-opted in 2021. Val Bird was re-elected as Social Secretary, Peter Pack was re-elected as Team Management Secretary, Vicky Shaw was re-elected as Mental Health Champion. Re-elected to the committee were Niki Jones and Elaine Massie. Mark Taggart, Robbie Burrells, Steve Gaunt, Bev Tredget, Carolanne Gibson, Debi Fisher, Helen Whiting, Lorena Henderson, Veronica Singleton-Lawley, Tim Southam and Richard Lawson were all elected for the first time.

Steve Crane stood down from Committee in March 2022 and Neil Loader stood down from Committee in January 2022.

Bedford Harriers Committee for the 2022/2023 Membership Year

Name Position
Chris Capps Chair
Jenny King Club Secretary
Richard Watson Treasurer
Richard Woodward Vice Chair
Jacinta Horne Membership Secretary
Val Bird Social Secretary
Bev Gous Race Management Secretary
Elaine Massie Awards Night
Peter Pack Team Management
Vicky Shaw Mental Health Champion
Niki Jones Committee Member
Mark Taggart Committee Member
Robbie Burrells Committee Member
Steve Gaunt Committee Member
Bev Tredget Committee Member
Carolanne Gibson Committee Member
Debi Fisher Committee Member
Helen Whiting Committee Member
Lorena Henderson Committee Member
Veronica Singleton-Lawley Committee Member
Tim Southam Committee Member
Richard Lawson Committee Member